Suffolk Based Company Welch Refrigeration Wins Big at Maritime Awards Show

In November, a very special event within the marine industry calendar took place. It was the annual Trinity House Awards Ceremony, which is held each year in Central London. The event is designed to support and celebrate the many organisations with which Trinity House collaborates.

The maritime charity is the largest of its kind in the UK and it works with a broad range of vendors, suppliers, sponsors, and manufacturers. Suffolk based company Welch Refrigeration is a long-time collaborator and it was handed an award for ‘Exceptionally Efficient Service’ at the recent ceremony.

Welch Refrigeration is a vendor of high-quality marine refrigeration and air conditioning equipment. It is a family run operation, which also provides repairs, installations, and scheduled maintenance services. It has worked closely with Trinity House for a number of years and its commitment to marine excellence was praised at the November ceremony.

In 2015, the Trinity House charity marked its 500th birthday with a series of special events. This is a remarkable achievement and a staggering history, which has always been founded upon strong links with contractors and suppliers. So, to be publically praised as a key strategic partner is something that makes Welch Refrigeration very proud.

The company shares many values with Trinity House. It prides itself on being able to give back to the community and support the marine industry with apprenticeships and training. It runs an active apprenticeship scheme, which helps aspiring marine engineers to gain the experience that they need and secure a top job.