Types of Refrigeration in Building Services

A huge range of commercial sectors require refrigeration, such as the hospitality, retail, IT, and catering sectors.

This wide range of environments requires a wide range of refrigeration types. As well as being used for the fridge found in your kitchen, refrigeration also has a variety of applications found in different sectors.

Air Conditioning

Air conditioning is the most common form of refrigeration outside of food storage. It also works in the same way as your fridge does to keep food cold. As a basic law of physics, you cannot create or destroy energy; it can just be converted from one form into another. This is the fundamental way that refrigeration and air conditioning works. An AC unit will draw in warm air from the room, flowing over pipes circulating with coolant. The cooled air is then blasted through fans back into the room, gradually cooling it down.

Cold Rooms

Cold rooms, or walk in fridges, are essential in many restaurant and catering establishments where keeping a large supply of fresh food is needed. It is standard for cold rooms to be fitted with lockable doors for security, insulated panels for saving energy costs, and substantial shelving and lighting for ease of organisation and access.

Chilled and Frozen Display Units

Chilled display units have multiple uses for food and beverages. Prepared food such as sandwiches can be displayed, or the ingredients for making something can be on show for the customer, such as meat in a deli or ice cream in a parlour. They also have a use for drinks, such as a closed display unit showing the drinks on offer behind a bar, or an open display offering chilled drinks in a supermarket.

Ice Machines

Ice Machines provide an easy way of making ice for both front and back of house purposes. Different shapes and kinds of ice can be made with a good machine, whether you need cubes for drinks at a bar or a larger quantity for displaying fish.

Welch Refrigeration Services

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