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What is Rapid Chilling? 5 Benefits of Using Blast Chillers

The development of refrigeration, along with the freezer and blast chiller, has changed the face of the food industry. There was a time when caterers and food suppliers were entirely bound by the seasons. At certain times of the year, many products were simply unavailable. That’s no longer the case, of course, but the use of rapid chilling has taken things to another level.

Here at Welch Refrigeration Services we’ve been working in the field of industrial refrigeration since 1998. We build strong relationships with our customers, backed up by our highly experienced team. In this article we’ll explore the many benefits which can be gained from the technique of rapid chilling.

What is rapid chilling?

The common practice of freezing food at home is a surprisingly slow process, often taking up to 24 hours. This slow freezing method transforms the water in the food into large ice crystals. Because of their size, the crystals can perforate the food’s cellular structure. This in turn can have an adverse effect on the quality of the product.

As the name suggests, rapid chilling is a freezing process that takes place much more quickly. Because the water in the food freezes more rapidly, the crystals it forms are a lot finer. This allows the food to retain much more of its original quality when defrosted. The best way to freeze food rapidly in this way is to use a blast chiller.

The benefits of using a blast chiller


These specialist freezers are equipped with cold air blowers to freeze the contents quickly. Food that’s frozen in this kind of unit retains its natural properties for much longer. It tastes better, smells better and keeps far more of its nutritional value than slow-frozen food.

Food safety

Issues related to food safety can be extremely costly for businesses in the catering industry. It can be a blow to a company’s reputation as well as its profit. Rapid chilling gives bacteria much less time to grow, and significantly reduces the risk of contamination.

Lower costs

If food is frozen and stored properly, your business will be able to run more efficiently. Planning and preparation can be carried out in advance, allowing for a far smoother operation. The good news is, an efficient business is a lot more cost-effective to run.

Preserving taste

Using a blast chiller allows catering businesses to provide seasonal dishes all year round. Because of the way the food is frozen there is no loss of flavour or freshness. Restaurants can adapt their menu to suit their customers’ tastes, giving them a competitive advantage.


The speed of freezing offers businesses far more flexibility. Dishes can be prepared well in advance, and then safely frozen in a blast chiller. The dishes can then be used as and when needed.

Keep your produce fresh with a blast freezer. Why not speak to our expert team today to discuss the best options for your business?