Fridge Spares For Your Freezers And Refridgerators

Spares and Parts Matter for Your Refrigerators

Is it better to buy fridge spares and repair existing units than to invest in new equipment? In truth, the answer to that depends on a number of things. Where refrigeration is a key part of your operation, it’s hugely important to keep it operating efficiently. But there are cost-effective ways to do that, which are well worth considering.

Since 1998, Welch Refrigeration Services has been helping its range of commercial customers keep their refrigeration running smoothly. Our strong relationship with our clients matches the skills and experience of our qualified team. So, here are some tips on maintaining refrigeration equipment using fridge spares and replacement parts.

Repair or replace?

Using refrigeration parts to repair your equipment is obviously cheaper than replacing it. But repair can sometimes be a false economy, especially if breakdowns start to become more frequent. However, as new refrigeration equipment can involve a significant outlay, it’s important to make a proper assessment. The following are things you need to consider when deciding whether to repair or replace.

Consistent temperature

When a fridge isn’t working efficiently it can be hard to keep it at a consistent temperature. Within commercial premises this can be damaging and costly. But, a number of things can affect temperature; for example, blocked circulation vents and faulty seals. Make sure you check all the possible causes before deciding to invest in new equipment.

Power consumption

If a fridge is using more power than it should be, it could be a sign that it needs replacing. On the other hand, it could simply be a component that isn’t working properly. A qualified engineer should be able to identify the problem, and offer advice on the feasibility and cost of repair. That could save you the price of a new refrigeration unit.

Repair cost

If repairing something will be more than half the cost of a new one, a straight replacement is generally recommended. However, it’s worth taking into account that fridge spares are relatively inexpensive. That means for specialised commercial equipment that isn’t very old, repair could still be by far the cheapest option.

Regular maintenance

The best way to keep refrigeration equipment running efficiently is regular maintenance. It also helps to slow the deterioration of components, meaning your equipment will last longer. With a replacement part, the unit should continue to operate reliably. For fridges that have been well maintained, repair is a much more cost-effective solution than replacement.

Age of the equipment

A key factor in the question of repair or replace is the age of the equipment. For systems that are relatively new, fridge spares are undoubtedly the best option financially. However, equipment that’s over 10 years old could continue to deteriorate, and as a general rule should be replaced.

Here at Welch Refrigeration we can offer complete spares packages for every aspect of refrigeration. We can also offer advice on highly cost-effective ways to keep your equipment running efficiently. So, why not contact us today?