How Do Food Factories Keep Things Cool?

Have you ever wondered how food is able to be preserved for so long before it is placed on the shelf of your local supermarket? After all, modern refrigeration techniques often occur behind the scenes. One amazing invention is ammonia refrigeration. How can this type of refrigeration help your company extend the lifespan of its products? What are some other benefits of these factory cooling systems? Let’s take a look at what goes on behind the scenes.

A Brief Look at the Process of Ammonia Refrigeration

Without delving into too much scientific jargon, ammonia is a great refrigerant due to its natural cooling properties. This substance will be pumped throughout a specific system (such as a line of walk in freezers). It will absorb heat from one area and transport it to another so that this heat can be removed. As ammonia (in its concentrated form) is much colder than room temperature, it makes perfect sense to be used as a refrigerant.

What are the Benefits of Ammonia Refrigeration?

One important point to mention is that many traditional food factory refrigeration systems use CFC as a cooling agent (a chemical known for its environmental hazards). The good news is that ammonia-based refrigerators are completely safe for the ozone and they do not contribute to global warming. Here are some other advantages:

  • Ammonia-based factory cooling systems are up to 20 per cent cheaper to install and maintain when compared to traditional refrigerants.
  • These cooling methods are extremely efficient. In fact, they can help reduce your energy costs by up to 10 per cent every year.
  • As ammonia is an abundant substance, it does not cost much to recharge your system.

Ammonia is also an excellent choice in terms of food safety and hygiene. As it contains natural anti-microbial properties, it can help to address concerns such as the presence of germs and the risk of cross-contamination. After all, safety is important when storing any type of food.

Why Choose to Partner with Welch Refrigeration?

Food factory refrigeration techniques have come a long way in recent years. Systems which use ammonia are much more efficient than those used in the past. Ammonia will also help to protect the environment while lowering your costs over time. We are happy to supply a number of systems based around your needs including:

  • Walk-in refrigerators
  • Cold rooms
  • Cellar cooling systems
  • Units to display frozen food products
  • Ice-making machines

We also provide 24/7 emergency services, as well as regular maintenance repairs in the event that an issue is discovered. If you are keen to learn more about our line of ammonia refrigeration products or to receive a free no-obligation quote, please get in touch with one of our representatives.