Keep Your Produce Fresh With A Coldstore

Keep Your Produce Fresh Year-Round With Cold Storage Solutions

Food production firms must always be concerned about keeping perishable products fresh. Not only will this help to reduce costly wastage, but implementing the right coldstore equipment guarantees that foods will retain their freshness before arriving safely to their destination. Let’s look at the concept of cold storage in more detail.

How do Commercial Refrigeration Systems Function?

Firstly, it is a good idea to take a look at the fundamental principles behind modern refrigeration techniques, before moving on to discuss the different types and the benefits of each.

Refrigeration systems are designed to remove heat from one area and transport it to another. This is usually accomplished through a fluid refrigerant that circulates within a closed system; ammonia is the predominant choice. The pressure of this fluid will change depending upon its location. When it becomes a vapour due to lower pressure, it will absorb heat from nearby surroundings. When compressed, this heat will be released.

The exact mechanism as well as the configuration will depend upon the type of cold store system that is in place. Larger units such as walk in freezers will have different technical concerns when compared to more compact designs. Nonetheless, consistently cold temperatures will help to preserve perishable items such as food or drink products.

The Different Types of Coldstore Systems

As you may have already imagined, technological advancements have led to a number of different designs in cold storage. Here are a handful of common systems:

  • Industrial freezers
  • Walk-in storage rooms
  • Refrigerated containers
  • Blast freezers and chillers
  • “Combi” refrigeration rooms

Why are there so many variants? First, certain storage and manufacturing facilities will require more robust solutions than others. Secondly, there can be times when certain foods need to remain chilled, as opposed to completely frozen. This is commonly the case when storing fruits and vegetables prior to transport.

Now that we have an idea about the different types of coldstore systems, we can examine the variety of benefits that commercial fridges provide.

Keep your produce fresh with a coldstore

More Than Short-Term Storage Solutions

Refrigeration systems are used to safely store foods for days or weeks at a time. However, some larger industrial units keep food at a specific temperature for months at a time; or longer. This is important from a logistical point of view, as the manufacturing firm will not have to worry about spoilage and loss of revenue.

Safety Prior to Transport

Certain products are more susceptible to spoilage than others. This is especially concerning when dealing with dairy products, meats and fish. Serious illnesses and even death can occur due to spoilt produce. Modern coldstore solutions keep food products at extremely controlled temperatures. This ensures that they are safe for shipment.

Temperature and Humidity Control

As mentioned previously, some foods will need to be kept at lower temperatures than others. This is why modern industrial freezers have several temperature settings which can be controlled at the touch of a button. LED displays, humidity controls, and automatic alerts in the event of a fault are some other features which may be present. Combi commercial fridges can even be used to store different foods at different temperatures; saving food manufacturers a significant amount of space.

These are only a handful of the benefits which are provided by the line of industrial refrigeration solutions offered by Welch Refrigeration. Do you need to address a specific storage challenge? If so, contact us so that we can schedule an appointment at your convenience.